SWIFT NETWORKS offers state-of-the-art broadband data services for cost-effective and reliable deployment of a multi-service network, offering converged voice telephony, video conferencing, video surveillance, high-Speed data transmission and Internet access services over our secure, high-speed and reliable telecommunications infrastructure

Whether you have over 1000 staff, and are regularly sending and receiving large files, SWIFT NETWORKS has a robust all-inclusive package to meet your broadband Internet Connectivity requirements. In this regard, a truly dedicated internet service with umlimited download is meant. We can also connect your office to others through a secure Virtual Private Network(VPN), enabling you to share all programs and documents just as if you were sitting in the same office via optical fiber metro or our robust radio network with Gigabit Ethernet and internet capacity. Internet has changed the way businesses run globally. Today, companies, large and small, rely on IP connections for wide-area networking with affiliates, customers and suppliers around the world. We, keeping up our tradition of providing cutting edge enterprise solutions, bring to you Enterprise Internet Service.

Enterprise Internet Service enables you to experience world class Internet usage on its high-speed and redundant backbone with unlimited downloads. A premium quality Internet Solution that not only empowers you with superior connectivity but also ensures quicker decision making, therefore, allowing you to have a competitive edge over others. These products and packages are designed to suit your needs, in other words they are tailor-made for the purpose of meeting your life style or requirement.

Dedicated Broadband Internet and Unlimited Downloads

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Business

Video Conferencing

Enhanced IP Security Surveillance

Data Center Service


For enquiries on SWIFT Enterprise packages or to discuss your personal network requirement, click here for our service request form or please call us on 01-7100076,08077265615 or e-mail enterprisesales@swiftng.net


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