Interest Free Data Loan

With Interest Free Data Loan, you can borrow more data from SWIFT when you have exhausted your data before the expiry date and pay when you subscribe next, with no interest. Terms and conditions apply.

Unlimited Speed

Our SWIFT 4G LTE service is significantly faster and would make your Skype video calls, Youtube and/or live soccer streaming a pleasurable experience. And this is while surfing the internet at very high speeds.

Roll Over Data

With SWIFT 4G LTE you can roll over your unused data into the next month when you renew your subscription before the expiration date. Don't loose what you don't use.

Multi-User per Connection

Everybody at home or the office can now share the same broadband connection without multiple SIM cards. You can also connect even more devices including your laptops, tablets, smart phones and TVs at the same time to the internet using the same broadband connection from the SWIFT 4G LTE hub.

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that we will deliver on every promise we make and excite you with our services. However, should you have a change of mind about our services, we will refund you your payment within the first 30 days of your initial sign on. No questions asked!


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