Tips For Managing Your Broadband Usage

Thank you for choosing SWIFT Networks as your broadband provider. We truly appreciate your business and would like to share these tips to help you get the most of your package.

Choose The Right Package

Make sure you select a package that accommodates all your needs; several options have been made available to cater for different user requirements.

Secure Your Modem

Reset the modem default password immediately and never share your password. We recommend using a combination of alphanumeric characters that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Change your passwords periodically.

Be very Carefull with Torrents

Torrents are a popular way of quickly downloading large files over the Internet. When downloading a file, your system will also upload at the same time. You are paying for both downloading and uploading traffic. In many cases, the upload data is higher than the download data. You can control the upload traffic in the settings of the torrent software.

Voice over IP (VoIP) and Webcams

Using the HD-Quality desktop FaceTime, Skype and other similar utilities can be useful, fun, and exciting they also consume both uplink and downlink bandwidth. Consider turning off the video when making long calls or after the initial minutes of your call to save on bandwidth.

High-Definition (HD) Videos

Most video providers, including YouTube, give you the option of HD picture quality while viewing. The higher the quality of the video, the more bandwidth is consumed. Carefully consider each video and determine whether you truly need top quality and advise everyone in the household to do the same.

Automatic Software Updates

Software updates are useful and increase the reliability and functionality of your system but be aware of the bandwidth they consume. With most homes having several systems per user all the updates can take gigabytes. Monitor your bandwidth usage to know when best to apply updates manually.

Independently monitor your bandwidth consumption

You can track your bandwidth usage on your modem as well as using third-party software like My Data manager on each device connected to your modem to monitor your actual usage.

Online backups and File Synchronization via Cloud

Whenever you use your DropBox and similar utilities to synchronize files between computers bandwidth is utilized. Online backups also consume a lot of bandwidth especially for the first full backup.


These tips are to enlighten our customers so they are savvy users and get the most of their broadband service. Hope you continue to enjoy the service and the access it creates to help you achieve more!


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